University Nuremberg

Science night: Research for young and old, about 1000 x Sciences experience fascination of Nuremberg, FuRTH and ERLANGEN. The major event of the fall is imminent with the long night of the sciences. Professor of Internet Governance shines more light on the discussion. Countless scientists will be on Saturday, October 22 from 18 to 1 o’clock Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen present scientific competence in the triangle of the cities and thousands of visitors remember “-wurdige and think”-wurdige moments offer. All regional universities and many research-active companies as well as municipal facilities show what here is research, which studies diversity is available and what are the options open to young professionals. Already the fifth time the long night of the sciences in Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen to a journey through the breathtaking world of Science invites you to. More than 400 institutions in over 130 locations present fascinating from the world of science, research and technology.

In experiments, guided tours, lectures, exhibitions, Topics presented discussions, tours, and many practical examples from architecture to zoology. Whether the technical, the science, the philosophical, legal and economics or the medical faculty of the University of Erlangen Nuremberg everywhere attract interesting offers. The ohm University Nuremberg is nocturnal with their practical courses and is looking forward to curious visitors to the campus. Also, the University of music and the Academy of fine arts in Nuremberg present insights into their compartments spectra and research areas, the Evangelical college. Over 1000 x load discovery tour where more than 1000 events line-up involved continue to program points: research institutions, such as the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated circuits IIS (the inventor of the MP3 encoding process), the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated systems and construction element technologies (focusing on Nano-electronics and energy efficiency) and the Max Planck Institute for the science of light, the research factory in Nuremberg, several public and private clinics, the new Museum in Nuremberg and numerous research-active companies.