Coaching Goals

As part of my current training as a professional coach to accompany individuals and companies in achieving extraordinary goals, and after documenting me and learn about various methodologies for successful coaching processes in these areas, is that now as a concerned parent on how best to train my child with solid foundations that help fully develop their abilities and talents to successfully face the moments that touch you liveI started to investigate on how how coaching techniques could be applied in the formation of the children. So I found the Coaching book for your children (Ed. Norma Mexico 2003) DRA. Celia Chavez Cham, who contacted me via email and I could get his authorization to publish and share this article with the help of his wonderful teachings based on your experiences with parents who did something extraordinary in daily contact with their children, aware of their work as educators and trainers for life, and those who have formed children strong, successful and happy, providing them with all the means so that they achieve their goals. In principle, arises to ensure that coaching process is highly effective, it must be supported by a solid and deep love to apply them in a family, while respecting the wishes and dreams of our children, without judging them, and must break our paradigm we always have all the answers and make things for his sake.

As well as business coaching or life coaching, coaching for your children all your work as father focuses and develops from what your child dreams, their objectives and goals for life, says the author. For this purpose, it is necessary to know motivate and emerge in our children the approach of options and actions to achieve their goals, make them powerful questions (inductive questioning)-based, giving them the opportunity that they themselves find the best answers. Through the coaching we can discover both the skills, talents and qualities, as well as those behaviors and attitudes that they limit it negatively, helping them to focus on the development of the full potential that possess.