Nobel Prize

Believe me, they want the best for you, and beside mine you will not have, love is not living, poverty ends with love. ough. After having said this, she went into reason and he understood that the spoke you the truth because he loved her. Then she hugged him and said you let’s make a Pact, if you get the media production I looked? With a smile he said: no doubt it heart, always pensare en ti. So Cristian went that day. They spent three years in which Cristian struggled every day to become a great writer, as a result of the love felt by Cristian by angie and literature. I think the greatest work of love that is never been able to know, which made this writer achieve fame. Millions of copies of this work were sold which genre that soon Cristian would be a very a millionaire man.

The day of the ceremony in which would give him the Nobel Prize, received the best gift of all possible on Earth. Because Angie was who give you the Nobel, since by the influences of his father facilitated it. He took this great honor in your hands and without looking at it put it to one side and in the middle of a smile hug to your beautiful angel and staring at her kiss her tenderly. With the passing of the days angie and his merciful heart expressed Cristian would be wonderful to create a foundation to sponsor the talents in philosophy and literature to aggrandize the name of Colombia. Thing that the two carried out. In the course of time your precious flower get pregnant, but because of a blow in the stomach of angie, she lost to her baby. What was a tremendous blow to their lives, which was a bitter experience that soon I delete with the birth of angel.