Home WiFi Networks

In today's age of high technology is very important to have secure and reliable wireless connection in order to ensure the protection of your personal data. Many people often neglect some of the basic measures security that can prevent hacking wifi networks. Secure wireless connectivity is very important when working with a computer through the Internet as we often share information on bank cards or communication of a personal nature that should not fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, this article I would like to lead the major threats to wireless connections. Unprotected connection to an insecure connection is very easy access. If your wireless connection is unencrypted, an attacker can easily listen to your wi-fi traffic and obtain any unencrypted information.

WEP or WPA protocol WEP is the oldest and most vulnerable among wireless data transmission protocols, as hackers have found a way to compromise. WEP security can be cracked in less than a minute. However, some time later was released replacing unreliable WEP – Protocol WPA, which is safer. So if your wifi router supports WPA, make sure you turn it on, otherwise it is better to buy a new router. Weak passwords using the protocol you want to use WPA password. However, this password can easily be compromised if it is not reliable. It is desirable that the password should consist of various numbers, letters and special characters and length not less than 12 characters. You should not use simple password because the password will protect all your transmitted data. Point-twins in the case of this threat, you are trying to connect to the desired access point, but if it is available, then you are automatically redirected to the second point access, which run attackers. All information that is transmitted over the wireless network will be accessible to hackers. This type of threat is most prevalent in public places, restaurants, cafes or airports.