Large Format Printing On Banner Fabric

LARGE PRINT VUTEK. Our company has the best fleet of wide-format digital plotters and represents the latest development of new well-known American company Vutek. Reliability, speed and qualitative characteristics of the equipment, as well as the experience of our company (over 8 successful years in the market of large format printing) allowed us to produce millions of square meters of large- printing more than 5000 companies and advertising agencies. High print resolution up to 720dpi, the rate of more than 100 m2, a wide range of materials – banners, banner light, self-adhesive film, paper, banner mesh. Through combination of important features and affordable price – the technology was very popular and widely used for interior decoration and in the manufacture of outdoor advertising: – firewalls, traffic graphics, signage, posters, lighting design, billboard advertisements, window dressing, etc. To date, large-format printing is the most convenient and affordable technology, which enables to produce multicolor advertising images of any size. Large format printing is the basis for the production: all kinds of outdoor advertising (billboards trunk, firewall, Super-, arches, street banners, house roofs, advertising vehicles, illuminated advertising, etc.), promotional materials for registration of places of sales, advertising design showcases interiors of offices, retail and exhibition halls in single quantities, and the production of huge circulation, especially if you need to print high quality images resistant to adverse environmental conditions.

Quality material and printing in combination with solvent-based inks that are resistant to UV radiation and precipitation can produce large-format printing with a guaranteed life of up to 3 years, while maintaining a low cost product. The advantages of our Making large-format printing images as a standard format (1,2 x1, 8 m, 3×6 m, 3h12 m, 4×12 m) and custom sizes, limited only by your imagination. Quality large format printing by using high-quality materials, the most advanced equipment and highly trained personnel with extensive experience in manufacturing an image from a circulation of one copy for the price of serial shortest terms performance based on the circulation of high-performance hardware clock work the production of large format printing ability urgent production of large format printing available on request LARGE PRINTING ON PAPER AND FILM SKITEX PRESSJET. Nothing can compare with Scitex PressJet printing medium and long runs. This large-format printing technology is remarkable in that it is competitive on cost, quality and speed with silk screen printing, but the timing of execution of orders several times shorter, urgent orders can be executed in one day. The uniqueness of this technology is the ability to print editions, beginning with otpechatka.To only have this type of equipment allows you to print copies with variable data on each print – such as cities, where they will be placed ads, you can specify the exact address of the store that impossible to print the traditional way. The technology is actively used when printing images for: – mobile exhibition stands – billboards (billboards) – city wide panels – advertising on public transport – Poster-size City – interior of large posters – light boxes – posters