New Zealand

He was greeted, as well as all the guests, a little boy of ten years has helped bring his baggage to the visitor numbers for that boy got some coins in his palm. But it was not adopted in New Zealand, yet no one ever gave money for such work … there was no tip at the time. The boy at first did not understand what happened, why it suddenly became owner of a small wealth. Mr. N explained – this is for you for the service. The following morning N went for a walk.

He wanted to explore the neighborhood, and especially the pink and white terraces, in the way he asked to meet woman with a child to accompany him or show the direction of travel. The woman asked for a fee. The young man was terribly surprised and somewhat taken aback: how, just because it will show the direction of travel, it must pay? At this time of the bushes beyond the woman’s husband, an awesome form maoriets who very eloquently made clear to Mr N, which must be paid, it is – the service … The story tells how the hapless Mr. N was punished for what he did for the people of New Zealand. At a time when this young man was treated at this resort in June 1886, had one of the largest eruptions of the volcano, the resort was destroyed, many were unable to escape, and among them was our Mr. N. .