Motorists Speed Racer

Hello! That's decided to share their not even know how to say bitter, but there is no better experience in the dark! Behind the wheel is not the first year, head-toning respectively the same, it all started with a 35%-ki, then it was light, replace 20% stuck-ka, so too, I have not traveled a long and a short time knit 15%-ka, traveled not , used briefly became almost native, but it's time to change the windshield t.k.razbil then I decided to try a 5 %-ka for windshield! I called, I said, I want to stick up a head of me saying frontal is 35%, and I replied I need 5%-ka, followed by a moment of silence, he asks me on the windshield, I confidently answer yes, and I think to myself , perhaps overdoing, but oh well short coming into service, they are driving a car can tell me all the same 15%-ku, I insisted on toned, arrived, took, went to four o'clock in the evening just fine, think to myself here, what should be, happy meal , came into the night, I tensed up, but not on that wanted to use the toilet, but from what I do not see anything, as you know we have to include Oskol light when it's time to turn off, I do turn on the emergency gang, occupying extreme right-hand lane and drive at 30km / h, as well as trying to razgledet whether our walkers, who first coming on the road, and then watching a car or not The next day started like getting used, but still unsure, t.k.ya still have not seen anything. Ride a week to the next, I never saw the light, ringing in the service can be a head-perekleit a 15%-ku, he laughed a little, then calmed down, so come and say we will do, come, do it simply, picked up, went to the food and I think that's all the same what is necessary This story should be respected Motorists Speed Racer, as there you will still call yourself, as well as I, an ordinary guy, no need to glue a 5% ku Frontal ).