Parish Council

The day came to decide who would lead the choir, and had not yet been appointed from among us who would be. Parish Council met with the attendance of course each representative or director of each chorus. As we had not yet reached a decision, it was suggested we move on to an adjoining sitting room to take once the decision. The meeting at the a saloncito contiguoa was as follows: 1 .- Angel, representing the choir 7.30 pm, also called juvenile a coro. 2 .- Cristian, representing the children’s choir.

3 .- Franco, representing the chorus of 6.00 pm with its chorus of a voces cieloa . 4 .- and a humble servant who writes a the these lines, representing the voices of the 12 days, also called Christ the King parish choir. It was decided that each of us his plan would work quickly, (test, code, etc.) At the end was put to the vote. Angel Franco a voted., voted Cristian Franco, Franco voted for himself, and I vote for Angel a. In particular I think this decision was taken by the Council and not let this occur hint of choice since it was obvious what would happen. There was a curious moment and I can never forget this meeting.

Cristian Angeles and suggested that Franco addressed me, I do not accept, Franco thought I doubted his musical abilities, which were not. I told him I was fine, and that did not deserve to lead the choir in a special day for his previous behavior. But I suggested: a OESI am writing to you, you have to accept what you say, and most importantly, you have to change your behavior. In other words you to behave well, his response was: aah no, then address alone. Once again we made a decision in the parish, which to my way of seeing things, damaging the image and role model, with this decision and I repeat my way a vera, justified the negative action of an agent pastoral