Psychotherapy Help

Schematically, we can define psychotherapy as a make the unconscious conscious or associate. In generic form, we define psychotherapy as a process of communication between a psychotherapist and a person applying for assistance (patient), with the aim of improving the quality of life of the latter, through a change in thought, in their feelings or actions. Let’s take this definition as a starting point for describing and analyzing each of the terms mentioned therein. Let’s start with the word process. The word process means changes over time. How these changes occur? Someone I do not known at all, with the word can make me change anything? For the patient (also for anyone), the mere fact of being heard and is therapeutic in itself. He feels that its concerns deposit a someone insurance, which is of confidence and placate them, thus freeing you from a great weight.

We all have the experience of how well we feel has been heard by someone who loves us. If so, the first thing one wonders is: I go to a professional and a good friend or the parish priest for example? As professionals, we share with the friend or the priest, the sympathetic concern (empathy) on the other, but from there we have nothing to do with them, because as therapists, we have knowledge that they do not have. At this early stage of being heard outside the professional sphere, the non-pejorative name.