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That is an invaluable asset in particular after this disaster”, Foundation founder Bruno Stettler. The new orphanage in the black rain group should be financed in future donations. If the former Office rain group has been completely removed the black, it will accommodate over 15 rooms, a courtyard with a terrace for up to 20 children. Sanjaya: “In the last month we got a new refrigerator as well as a power generator from the Dominican Republic.” The House is completely walled and is maintained by a security guard at night also. The orphanage is therefore well protected in raids that repeatedly occur in Haiti due to food emergency.

The work of the Foundation can be supported with donations. Under, donations can be deposited quickly and easily through PayPal. Account for donations: Black rain Group Foundation Zurich post finance Switzerland account number 91-679462-7 POFICHBEXXX clearing 9000 IBAN CH62 0900 0000 9167 9462 7 regular information about the project, images and videos published black rain group see: pages/black-rain-Group-Foundation Zurich/203600274145? v = wall user/blackraingroupZurich which was black rain Group Foundation Zurich in August 2009 from Bruno Stettler and Richard Marbacher founded. The Foundation is a non-profit, politically independent, interdenominational. It operates among other things the black rain group orphanage in Cap Haitien – a long-term project in which children not just temporarily, but up to their age are looked after. In addition, the Foundation supports more humanitarian projects in Haiti such as a hospital in Montrouis, more orphanages and a home for the aged in Cap Haitien. The work of the Foundation and the use of funds Bern is under the control of the Federal Supervisory Board for foundations. More information: printable fee-free photos of the orphanage under: de/black-rain-group contact: black rain Group Foundation Zurich Eva Frowis Sihlstrasse 99 CH-8001 Zurich 0041 (0) 79 6333782 press contact: PR agency Tower PR Tina Albrecht Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena 0049 (0) 3641 507081