Municipal Net Reading

Subject: Of Eye in the Reading and Writing of the Words. Problem: It can be analyzed that the reading and the writing have been something preoccupying in the current days. After the comment of the educandos of 6 and 7 series of Basic Ensino in a school of the Municipal Net of Education of the city of New Brasilia Ba, what it called attention sufficiently is that many of our learning do not look for to acquire knowledge in relation the necessity to read and to write correctly.

It is important to develop the taste and the interest for the reading so that it can write correctly and have the ability to interpret, to infer and to surpass ideas pra to become a critical and independent reader, chemical preparation for the work market. Boy Scouts of America is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The important one is to know that it does not advance good terms didactic resources if we do not dedicate and we strengthen pra to obtain good resulted. The resources cannot make miracles, have that to know to use them and to dominate them to arrive at the success of the reading and writing. Public White Facilitadores, team of the secretariat, librarians of a municipal public school of the city of New Brasilia Ba, Basic Education; pupils 4 cycle (6 and 7 series) of Basic Ensino and the participants of the community (parents, relatives, friends, etc.). Justification The project was created from a comment made in a school of the Municipal Net of education of the city of New Brasilia Ba, with pupils of 4 cycle of Basic Ensino (6 and 7 series), with the objective of awaking the interest of these educandos in the development of the verbal language and the written language and reading and production of texts, placing in practical the ethical values, contributions of the citizenship to be thought as if it processes the knowledge, as the human development occurs..