Colonia del Sacramento, founded by the Portuguese, under the command of D. Manuel Lobo, in January of 1680, is located in the southwest corner of Uruguay, on the coast of the Rio de la Plata and is known worldwide for the unique characteristics of his historic neighborhood, declared by the UNESCO historic Cultural Heritage in 1995. In the course of the past few years the city has developed to the influx of tourism, which became one of the destinations within Uruguay. Thousands of Uruguayans, Argentines, Brazilians and today, Latin American or European, more varied source, run through all year. The route we propose begins in the 1811 Plaza, observing the monolith that stands out from Cologne in February of that year, of our laddie Jose Gervasio Artigas. It is inevitable to make a comment to that event, which after traveling an important stretch of the neighborhood, takes the central historical theme the Portuguese in the Rio de la Plata and its consequences. In reality, the promenade with a theme specified on happening of the Portuguese city since its first Foundation, starts in the plaque placed by UNESCO at the beginning of the bridge of wood, opposite the field gate or gate of the Citadel.

This was rebuilt in the 1970s, being his true origin of Lusitanian construction, under the governorship of Antonio Pedro de Vasconcellos, who ruled the colony in 1722 to 1749, inaugurating this work in 1745. After crossing it, it bends to the left by the Paseo de San Miguel go towards the River. The remains of the walls of the old fortress, which climbed by one end and went down on the other, along the road, faced with the first buildings that can be seen from the colonial era. Along the coast, crowned by some ceibos is born the calle De San Pedro, which leads us to the bastion of the same name at the end of this.