Pro Bowl – The Countdown To The Super Bowl XLIV

Super Bowl Sunday the coronation season that everyone works towards NFL and every fan there trembles. People such as BSA would likely agree. Daktronics is part of the Super Bowl every year since 2000. Looks like the balance until today: delivery of video and scoreboard for: Jacksonville – 2005, Detroit – 2006, Miami – 2007, Glendale – 2008, Tampa – 2009 and Miami – 2010. For the employees of Daktronics the opportunity their families and friends to either impress or walking them on the nerves. Every time when the Super screen to see is is cried ‘Show there is our thing’.

This year gibts still some more facts that will impress many, not only technology geeks. In this stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, Daktronics installed two of the world’s largest LED display with HP 20 technology in 2006. You have the proud mass of 14.78 x 42.21m and 14.78 x 38.20m and more than 20,000 modules. Both Contracting Parties, the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts are counting on Daktronics “Super system” in their respective Spielsttatten, the Super dome in New Orleans, and the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. A team of Daktronics specialists was also at the Pro Bowl in this stadium last Sunday. Steve Serfling from the Sports Department is the contact of the League due to his long partnership with the NFL. With his team he made sure to wet nurses in the control center which all desire and easily ran off. Of course daily tests the display manufacturer in Florida at saessische technicians team went the advance.

As the game progresses, these cronies strategically right under the display and thus immediately on the ball sit”If there should be problems because time. The boss of this force said Abscliessen, Greg meat leg “we are once again thrilled how everything went down. The fans were fired over the highdef video and the sum of the information which was played on the giant screen. Not only did this last week before the Super Bowl team at the abattoir any problems to be installed before and spends playing on the big day. “We expect that our systems as in any large event their best claim and the millions of fans in the stadium, like” worldwide on the screens, optimum gameplay and technology master class will bring”so Steve Serfling concluded.