Social Assistance

News from the Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V. Harald Kuhn * (26) is Dyslexic. He has received his resignation on the grounds that his reading skills for his work is not sufficient. The employment agency rejects the financing of a dyslexia therapy on the grounds that he has school a learning disability as a child and had already been promoted. On the school but he was no sufficient promotion. Thanks to his good talent he succeeded, to complete an education.

To improve his qualification for the labour market, Kuhn visited a night school to catch up on the mittlere Reife. (Similarly see: BSA). He wants to participate in a dyslexia support in addition to insure his literacy and thus his professional integration. The employment agency has now threatened to withdraw unemployment benefits, because he no longer stood for a mediation available. Bold is not an isolated case. Marie Dehmel * (28) also visited a school of learning disabled and may be due to defective Promotion have neither a school nor a training. To get to their graduation and complete training to not continue to live by the unemployment benefits. With a qualified dyslexia therapy, she had good chances, their handicap in the handle to get. Marie Dehmel has already taken a qualified conveyor monthly has offered a special rate for the promotion of 100 given the financially difficult situation.

The ARGE Dresden has its request for costs on the following grounds rejected: improving their literacy and legal writing was a private matter! These two cases show the situation as fatal, if due to lack of individual promotion Dyslexic school and professionally before the end. In most cases no promotion can be done in the school due to lack of support hours or competence\”, criticized Christine Sczygiel, National Chairman of the BVL. If students are not individually funded, the Missing school or training fails, is massively compromised the vocational integration.