Rosary Center

Posted on October 20, 2010 by floresengomaeva in this article, I want to share with you a photo album decorated with flowers at rubber eva, and to convey this idea that you can put into practice. The design was intended for a party in particular, in my case is I try the first communion for my niece and immediately occurred to me that it was an album since not only we stick photos on different sheets, but the guests can leave a message for the honored. As you’ll see below in the photo, the flowers are forming a DENARIUS, that represents a decade of the Rosary. Used flower is the flower of orange tree, with a Pearl in the Center, United by golden thread. Below I detail the materials, tools and procedure used for clothing. MATERIALS drawing N 5 cardboard folder. Wadding, or rubber foam.

Fabric for lining the folder or silk, gold thread razo. Eva’s color yellow metal cross, can also be of wood. Medallita. Ribbon with golden yellow BB. Pearls, seed beads or sequins. Glue gun tools.

scissor. liquid silicone oplasticolas. frisador (mold consisting of two parts that fit between if). Its interior has all the drawings and outlines of the original format of the petal of a flower. STEP by step lined the folder first with wadding and secondly with the fabric. Decorate the top with lace in shape L on each side and then paste 1 mono in Center of the L. Sticking gold lace, the Medal and the cross on top of the lace with the glue gun. Each orange blossom bears stuck a Pearl in the Center. Flowers forming the denarius are located and once obtained the place that will occupy come to paste. Liquid silicone or adhesive vinyl is used for this. A tip: when are flat flowers as in this case they do not use the glue gun, because with its heat they deform the figure of the flower. The type of embellishment varies according to the event, for example, if it were a birth, can assemble a bouquet of flowers instead of the denarius or a birthday of 15, a tree of life that are 15 Bowers and its interior a fotito recalling a life stage. I hope that this design He liked it, and check that good material and easy to work with is the rubber eva. Takes the initiative to use this material in your crafts, and give rein to your creativity. I say goodbye as flowers at rubber eva, your Muse.