Quiet, is the new book by Pablo Coelho. But something better, at least for those who have experienced this situation like me. If you think that my words can become bored him, well, democracy docet, always can change the channel. If on the contrary want to know briefly what can feel one is seated (by not to say lying) on the terrace of a hotel in Seville tasting (not to say eating Gula) caps before an astonishing view, thus, read this later. Firstly, the River, peaceful, honest and selfless, almost all lit by a Sun that would burn any type of rose.

And a terrace with chairs white, giant, where could sleep a sleep of ten years. But not now now you can’t, because it’s time for tapas. It may seem strange that an anonymous guest at an elegant hotel in Seville while sitting all morning to intimately small servings of exquisite Andalusian cuisine. Believe me, is a mystical experience. Avidly through a piece of tortilla with onions, so bright and elegant, and then slowly look towards the Tower of gold. And note well the same color, the same pride. And now it is the turn of a dish of prawns with garlic, sweet and crunchy taste, the pink color as the skin of a French woman. And the stomach that says even and the head answers clear!. And that also could happen at the time of the mushroom fillings, a noble armor ready to protect the fresh mushroom and 3 tasty and brave soldiers called garlic, chile and onion. It is a battle that everyone wins, while the river continues his song of joy. And then there is a gentle sea of gazpacho, and precious rings of calamari and happens that there is hunger? Me too! Good tapas at all! Original author and source of the article