Velcro Parts

Optical control of interior trim parts for aircraft the optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH has a picture processing program at the end of the last year ( bildverarbeitungsprogramm.html) being completed, which an optical control of interior trim parts provides, are to be installed in aircraft. The crafty Klaus listens to the name the system”and shows with the help of cameras and an intelligent software solution whether the parts have the right shape, size and color, and whether all buttons, labels, tabs and flaps in place sitting. According to the customer’s interior trim inspection time per set is reduced from approximately 60 to only 20 hours. The operation of the image recognition system requires no specialist. The developers of the software at the company optimum was particularly important.

Managing Director Wolfgang Mahanty explains: what is special about the cunning Klaus is the individual adaptation to the customer. The system combines a total of seven cameras, the a total of three and a half times one and a half meters check can and size detect even writings by a few millimetres. For use is a touch screen monitor which displays all the steps and without a doubt represents possible errors. It ensures that even untrained forces can use the system.” Image recognition checks and documents different features the software is programmed that she recognizes the various products of the Interior in a very short time and checks it for accuracy and presence of features. Perhaps check out Boy Scouts for more information. Due to the optimal lighting is ensured that the crafty Klaus detects fine differences and different textures. By connecting to a database, the tests can be document which facilitates the proof of quality even compared to the federal authority. Especially the time savings has positively surprised customers. What previously many hours and demanded high staffing is possible now in significantly less time and ensures improved results.

Less complaints and therefore lower costs for the manufacturer of trim parts are the result. Tolerances can be individually set the cunning Klaus is in this case, the various parts that can be up to 1.3 times 3.3 meters to detect and verify individual aspects, about the form, the buttons and Velcro strips, color, seams and inscriptions. An error message the article locally can be subsequently edit; the system prevents a faulty part is processed or shipped at all. The tolerances can be set variably as needed, because even the smallest deviation the system detects and reports this reliably. Isabel Petri