October Work

Without serious preparation successfully pass the exams is not possible. Many educational agencies are promised that their clients will be made serious concessions on the language exam. All data allegations are not true. For admission, as already mentioned above, must pass an annual rate of Czech, as well as special training program for exams. On admission must submit application in the Czech language. The applications should be sure to enclose proof of payment of entrance examinations, as well as: a copy of the certificate of secondary education, translated into Czech and notarized copy of an extract from high school diploma, translated into Czech and notarized document two color photos of nostrification (recognition) Certificate of Secondary Education (to get the paper to put Apostille of the Ministry of Education, to translate the certificate into Czech and notarized it at the notary public). Acceptance of applications Czech public universities graduate in February, private universities statement generally accepted until the end of June.

In the 'creative' universities entrance exams begin six months earlier than in 'traditional' universities. This is to ensure that students have not passed the competition was the time to find another university. It should be noted that the creative act is very difficult profession, about the same time you can read here. Statements must be submitted until the end of November last year before admission. Exams are going to end January and February all. Training begins, as usual, in October. Students life in the Czech Republic Monthly Russian students studying in the Czech Republic, it is enough 200 – 400 euros depending on city of residence.

Students usually work part time. Find a place is not difficult – as in other tourist countries there are always jobs in the service sector. Many work in supermarkets and petrol stations. According to Czech law, a student can not work more than a hundred hours a year for one employer. What would work without restrictions the student must arrange with the employer's work permit and get a work visa, this is done without leaving the Czech Republic. Value stay varies depending on the city in the province, about 100 euros a month. Czech universities with guaranteed admission: Hotel Institute in Prague, Ostrava, Institute of Business in Banking Institute Institute finance and management reviews of the company Studentur You can read our very interesting forum