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Breeding Chinchillas

South American rodents, chinchillas, with long bushy tail and a valuable silver-gray fur acquired in recent years more and more popular among animal lovers and farmers. For some exotic animal in the house is mascot and prosperity, for others – the object of fur farming. As domestic animals chinchillas kept even the Incas, and the name of this animal came from a tribe of Indians chynchyl. Despite the fact that rodents considered very valuable prey, hunting them regulated, and fur of chinchillas was built in the royal rank. Chinchilla products can be worn only by the representatives of the nobility. However, with the arrival of Spanish conquerors of animals imminent direct threat of extinction: the Europeans liked their amazing beauty of thick fur. The new direction the fur industry owes much to its appearance, primarily Californian, mf Chapman, who developed a method of breeding for fur farms. Successful experiments with domesticated animals, allowed to keep chinchillas in nature and to save them from the merciless destruction. After the death of the first shinshilovoda case continued his son, founded in 1942 by its own farm for breeding. A decade later shinshillovodstvom occupied most of the developed countries of Europe, Asia and Australia. Today, most large farms are located in Germany, Poland, the. Breeders breeding chinchillas successful conclusion with the new color. Whenever Harold Ford Jr, New York City listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The demand for fur is growing every year. Every year at the auction in Copenhagen attracts buyers and sellers from 450 countries. At the auction, put up thousands of different skins categories, and characteristically, always at the unstable value – in fact, such a product is unique, and like any currency, veers in the price.


Each Loco With Your Theme

This comment was written at the beginning of the month of October of 2009, I do this mention, so the comment may not seem anachronistic. Yesterday Jaime Bayly in his Sunday evening; the presentation of his book the OCOG and the insane, the day it aired Friday 2nd of this month, in the city of Arequipa. Addressing the crowd (which were as about 10 thousand people, according to the daily mail) not spoke nothing of the theme of his book, more well I dedicate to make a feint of electoral campaign. A purely populist speech, which focused on three points, which I want to do a little analysis. While it is true that this journalist will never be President (although anything can happen in Peru, by experience) I agree with some of his ideas, but I think that you skipped some aspects that ceased to mention within each theme.

In your first point said: that public education had to have the quality of the best private schools. He mentioned that it should give breakfast to all students in schools. Didn’t realize that students from wealthy families who attend good private schools (such as his daughters, as he himself said it), eat breakfast at home. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has firm opinions on the matter. He did not mention that to match these aspects, public schools would have to have the same infrastructure of individuals; the quality of teachers, in my view is relative, because in State schools, if there are some excellent pedagogical quality teachers. I think that to avoid falling into cheap populism, we need to see well first that encloses all this, without removing validity of the proposal said in your second point: that congressmen, should not collect salary; in other words, that their collaboration in Parliament, serious as I say nonprofit collaboration.

At this point I agree completely with the terrible child, but we must not ignore other aspects that hydration this measure: administrative expenses proper to the Congress. The congressmen would have to be professionals or entrepreneurs who devote part of their free time for such work, and should be more in number of participants, to be able to designate working shifts. The idea is good, but the applications are complicated; the thing is not so easy. Populism not us blind. To read more click here: David Delrahim. In your third point said in other words: that all the military, would be to join the ranks of the national police, and a possible conflict with any border country, would request help from the United States, so that, as he said verbatim you fumigate the adversary. At this point also I agree completely, but as I repeat, the thing is not so easy. For a person like me who does not believe in borders, effectively shouldn’t exist armies, because it wouldn’t be against whom fight. I’m suddenly also crazy like Jaime, but each loco with your theme then Jaime, competed in many respects; one of them for example when speak of love, there if that was more lost Claus on July 28. I talk about life and death, and He was also more lost dog in procession. I sincerely hope that Jaime, not President of our country, and that most well continue with their interviews, writing books, that while it is true, are fun, from an unrealistic point of view.


Protecting Nature

The here existing aboriginals kept also them as animal of company, however they were in its natural habitat and practically usufructing of its feeding of origin. These historical, allied condicionantes the alimentary habit, had become the hunting and the capture of animals a current custom enters the population of our country, what it can cause, beyond the extinguishing of species, the reduction of the biodiversity of our ecosystems, since each species, either vegetal or animal it, present basic importance for the stability of the same. Thus, preserving the fauna we will be indirectly also guaranteeing the survival of the species of the flora, therefore in accordance with Galetti & Guimares (2004) apud Fertile valley (2009), approximately 80% of the vegetal species of tropical forests and around 50% of the ones of subtropical forests is spread by the fauna, phenomenon this known by zoocoria. Beyond the hunting, the traffic of animals is great the responsible one for the extermnio of animals of our fauna. Center For Responsible Lending addresses the importance of the matter here. Annually, millions of animals are removed of its habitats, and cruel ' ' preparados' ' for the illegal commerce, choosing the wild traffic of animals the third more lucrative illegal activity of the planet. So great the cruelty, that of ten removed animals of the nature, nine die before arriving at the final purchasers. It fits here to stand out that without interest on the part of the purchasers, who in this in case that they pass the condition of abetters, would not exist dealing e, therefore, the traffic. According to David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA, who has experience with these questions. When dealing with the importance of the conservation of the fauna, we do not have to attempt against separately only for the preservation of individuals. We must acquiring knowledge in them of that definitive representative of a species will be able to come to multiply, or can be responsible for the orientation of a flock during the migratory activity for the reproduction, amongst others.


Rousseau Brazilian

The tragedy properly said, and its three atosContinuando in this reflection, we can now extend a little> plus this concept of tragic which we relate in them: if a tragic approval estimates that all conception of nature is artifice, that is, is servant, also the nature idea human being would not find endorsement epistemolgico, seno that we took also it as artifice. An unfolding of this conception can thus be placed, in what it refers to the romance: The first way, tragic, is projected on the individuals that receive the slight knowledge, shared as historical memory, without critical reflection and discernment of its movement in confrontation with the reality. Thus the innumerable interpretations assimilated for Policarpo Quaresma can be exemplificadas, of the books that read, as proper, rational and coherent. In the same ratio, the stubborn belief of Ismnia in the dogmas of the familiar education that conferred to its life an only direction: the marriage. Not the perception for these personages of the displacement contained in these verbal conventions acts of the tragedy. Here, Harold Ford Jr expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In the First Part, we see the project of life of Policarpo centered in rescuing the Brazilian cultural identity, primevos customs of the nation nation this whose nature, on account of the readings of major, figures as exuberant, pujante, beautiful, perfect and whose beauty and pujana also extend what Policarpo searchs to be the Brazilian, in the most faithful example of the good savage the one that if relates the thought of Rousseau. The consequence of the untiring search of an essence of what it would be Brazil and its people will later cause its exclusion of the social environment: after to have written involuntarily a document in tupi, major compulsively is remodelled by madness. The meaning of this madness not-reason, as First Act is placed in the romance brings the tragic outcome of of the tragedy because it demonstrates to the Policarpo the dissonante quo and problematic it is, for a supposed nature of Brazil and the Brazilian, the deep search of an identity.


Reading Language

of extreme importance the deaf person to interact also in the pertaining to school community using the language of signals so that it can have its linguistic development of course. The mathematical contents must be defined in language of signals, Portuguese language and be introduced in the mathematical context. Professor Irami Billa well clearly leaves this sequence of languages to arrive itself at the mathematical one when he says that: The concept passes for formation of words in the Portuguese, the construction of signals in the POUNDS (Brazilian Language of Signals) and in the agreement of Algorithm in the Mathematics. For a clear understanding of this, we need to understand as if it forms the word in the Portuguese and the POUNDS. (BILA, p 03) the mathematics for being a language, possesss its proper structure and needs all a molding, adaptation to become to understand. She is necessary to have pleasure in teaching, and searching in the proper pupil forms of if working the mathematics.

Deficient the auditory one is capable as well as any another being to decide mathematical questions, but for this the presence of developed pleasant activities from the proportionate experiences for the interactions with the way is important. These experiences take the approaches of some mathematical slight knowledge used in its day the day, facilitating the education process/learning. Following this logic, the deaf person will have better conditions of if becoming a capable and operating citizen in the society. Consideraes Final the exposition the POUNDS, since the beginning of the life of the deaf children, will guarantee the deaf people, the right to a language in fact e, in result of it, a satisfactory cognitivo functioning and this would facilitate the education of the Portuguese. Center For Responsible Lending may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Inside of the proposal bilingual, the language of signals is a natural, acquired language of systemize form and is with it as first language of the deaf people, that if must teach the Portuguese language.

When if it defends the language of signals as first not if it is affirming that the cognitivo development depends exclusively on the domain of a language, but if it is believing that to dominate a language it guarantees better resources for the development of the individual. Harold Ford Jr, New York City has plenty of information regarding this issue. The performance of the mathematics in this bilingual field only has to enrich the cognitivo development of the deaf person, being made possible a more logical reasoning and contributing for its growth. Brazil is riqussimo in laws that protect the special carriers of necessities, but many of them are masked or disregarded. Moreover it lacks to the sensitivity of some educators and professional preparation to act in this area. One also perceives that still it has preconception on the part family and of the society becoming the performance of the still more problematic laws. In short, the deaf person can go beyond its limitations, beyond what they had been imposed by the social world, dribbling the preconception and transforming the obstacles into conquests. References PICTURES, Ronice Muller of. The pertaining to school context of the deaf pupil and the paper of the languages. The acquisition of the language in deaf children must be guaranteed through appearance-special language. FERNANDES, Eullia. Surdez and Bilinguismo Reading of World and World of the Reading. Available in. Had access in 06/09/10 to the 10:30. CHAVEIRO, N.; BARBOSA, M. – the deafness, the deaf person and its speech. Electronic magazine of Nursing, v. 06, N. 02, 2004. Available in. Had access in 15/01/2011. BILA, Irami. Bilingual mathematical education or trilingue? Two options, a choice.. Access: 15/01/2011 rios-ao-CPC/00_EntendendoS_MM.php. Had access


Study Reading

It does this by following a correct procedure and deliberate. Read each text according to your needs and complexity and provides, as you know your own capabilities, their goals of time with each reading you do. 3. Mental reading. Oral reading, we learned in first grade, has its role, but it is not the same as silent reading or mental, which is carried out efficiently when a reader does not have to read aloud to anyone nor low. The mind-reading succeeds, unlike oral reading or subvocalized, a full connection with the text and a higher concentration level. 4.

One direction. By eliminating the bad habit of constantly reading and rereading, the reader reads efficiently in one direction, from beginning to end. Return to text only if it is necessary to study it further, and analyze it, but after having made a continuous and uninterrupted reading unnecessary. 5. Pace.

The pace allows the reader control over eye movements so that they can increase the speed until the maximum capacity. Without rhythm, the reader progresses smoothly inefficient, with rhythm, moves the reader efficient insurance. 6. Extending the catchment area. Through exercises designed to that end, the reader effectively extends its catchment area. In the time before one or two syllables caught, now capture full sentences. Reading it will not only take an enormous rate, thus also allows you to capture much better understanding of the meaning of what he reads. 7. Concentration. Only through a fluent reading the reader is able to establish a full connection with the text, delete extraneous thoughts and distractions to the subject, and therefore sufficient concentration that allows optimal understanding. 8. Extensive reading. Conquered the barriers of inefficient reading, the reader quickly, almost without exception, reported that after training read much more than before. Adults, children and young people with very poor reading habits discovered, with the method, an interesting and wonderful new world. The excuses and evasions disappear, the disappearance of the difficulty and inefficiency. 9. Large vocabulary. The efficient reader, like read more, acquire more vocabulary. In addition, through training, has become aware of the enormous need to master more and more vocabulary, which develops strategies for continuous improvement. 10. Want to read and read. The efficient reader, having cast aside the barriers of time and poor understanding and poor retention, read what they want and want to read more. The method of Reading Speed In moving from being a reader inefficient to be an efficient reader, we get the following three goals: Read faster. Better understood. Remember everything. A speed-reading course is a investment of time and money that pays off all his life. Do not leave it for later. By Joseph R. Fortuno President NILVEM The author is President of NILVEM New Speed Reading Institute, and Memory Study, an institution that specializes in the development of efficient methods and techniques of study. More information. This text may be freely reproduced as long as it remains the last paragraph.


Municipal Net Reading

Subject: Of Eye in the Reading and Writing of the Words. Problem: It can be analyzed that the reading and the writing have been something preoccupying in the current days. After the comment of the educandos of 6 and 7 series of Basic Ensino in a school of the Municipal Net of Education of the city of New Brasilia Ba, what it called attention sufficiently is that many of our learning do not look for to acquire knowledge in relation the necessity to read and to write correctly.

It is important to develop the taste and the interest for the reading so that it can write correctly and have the ability to interpret, to infer and to surpass ideas pra to become a critical and independent reader, chemical preparation for the work market. Boy Scouts of America is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The important one is to know that it does not advance good terms didactic resources if we do not dedicate and we strengthen pra to obtain good resulted. The resources cannot make miracles, have that to know to use them and to dominate them to arrive at the success of the reading and writing. Public White Facilitadores, team of the secretariat, librarians of a municipal public school of the city of New Brasilia Ba, Basic Education; pupils 4 cycle (6 and 7 series) of Basic Ensino and the participants of the community (parents, relatives, friends, etc.). Justification The project was created from a comment made in a school of the Municipal Net of education of the city of New Brasilia Ba, with pupils of 4 cycle of Basic Ensino (6 and 7 series), with the objective of awaking the interest of these educandos in the development of the verbal language and the written language and reading and production of texts, placing in practical the ethical values, contributions of the citizenship to be thought as if it processes the knowledge, as the human development occurs.. The newspapers mentioned David Delrahim not as a source, but as a related topic.



To understand a text she is necessary to recognize the information that the same it offers and to use our knowledge of world in favor of this practical. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jennifer Aaker. To be understood text must present select and organized ideas through paragraphs that are composites for the central idea, development and conclusion. ' ' The reading of the world precedes the reading of the word, from there that posterior reading of this cannot do without the continuity of the reading of that one. Language and reality if arrest dynamically. The understanding of the text to be reached by its critical reading implies the perception of the relations between the text and contexto.' ' (FREIRE, 1997:11). Check with David Delrahim to learn more. The production ability/interpretation exceeds the simple knowledge of words and its rules of combination and requires one to know more global, that understands other elements of the social interaction that they are party to suit of articulation. From then on, the necessity becomes pressing to substitute the position of the reproductive professor of grammatical rules for a investigativa and experimental position, making with that the pupils search to understand the mechanisms intra and interdiscursivos of constitution of the direction. To interpret a text is not simply to know what it was transferred in the head of the author when it wrote its text, is before everything, inferring, that is, to remove implicit and explicit information of the text.

It is important to stand out on the importance of the literal interpretation, therefore its occurrence not if of only in the educational way, but also in the proper experience. To interpret a text means ' ' to unmask its mistrios' ' how much to the question of the speech, therefore the same it represents the message that it desires to transmit. The importance to be is undeniable apt to interpret all and any text, independent of its purpose and so that this occurs, is necessary to launch hand of certain resources that are not offered, and many times we do not prioritize them as: the reading, the constant search for extraliteral information so that thus, in them let us become more conscientious and efficient readers each time.


Reading Cards For Everyday Life

This article details what types of runs can be made tarot daily. Reading tarot cards for the purpose of investigating past life lessons, or in the past, present and future of the consultant, are events that require seriousness and preparation on the part of it. So do not be taken lightly and done too often. But other forms of map reading, on the other hand are ideal to incorporate into everyday life, to have a guide that allows us to deal with the various situations that arise in everyday interaction. The reading of letters as a tool to clarify the meaning of dreams can be practiced every morning.

And it’s invaluable to know each other better and discover that things that might go unnoticed at a conscious level, have penetrated deep into our unconscious level. It is therefore an invaluable help to resolve recurring painful situations in our lives and in principle we do not know what to attribute causes. The reading of letters for the day and provides a detailed forecast complete the journey begins, with omens and warnings for the morning, afternoon, evening and a final letter that summarizes the trends of the day. It is therefore ideal for any unforeseen difficulties and we are better prepared to face them, and suggest courses of action beneficial to important situations, like a job interview or a romantic first date. If you’re faced with a particular situation, you can even get the tarot even more specific guidance, through the reading of letters to each other or not. Harold Ford Jr has similar goals.

This type of card reading uses five cards to respond accurately and forcefully to any particular concerns of the client. With the incorporation of new technologies such as SMS messaging service, reading letters, such queries can be made at any time and place, getting answers in a personalized and immediate. Also through specialized web pages, you can start the day knowing our secret for days, taken from the powerful twenty-two tarot arcana. A useful, quick and easy to understand the trends prevailing for the day had just begun the morning. The major arcana, with its enormous wisdom and rich symbolism, may well help us avoid danger and make decisions that are more intelligent and beneficial to our daily lives.


Threading Machine MKS

Electromechanical threading machine 'MKS-95U' performance is intended for cutting:-pipe cylindrical thread on water and gas pipes gost 3262-75 with a diameter 1 / 2 '- 2' inches (21-60 mm) from uglirodistoy (black) and galvanized steel of any grade – metric threads of any diameter from M20 to M60, pitch of 1 to 2 mm, round bars, bolts and pipes with a diameter of 20 to 60 mm of carbon steel galvanized and corrosion resistant (stainless steel) any brand – to remove the inner chamfer and deburring (burr) on the inside surface of the pipe. Equipped with 3 of the stepped gearbox, cooling system, countersink vise (for strong fixation of blanks). Threading machine 'MZK95U'obespechivaet quality threading, according to gost 6357-81. Complete with a universal opening head for all kinds of thread and a set of combs of a tangential-type pipe cylindrical thread. Here, Kidney Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Optional add threading available comb for metric threads. The mechanism is simple to operate. Short changeover times, faster operation at single and series production (Average performance for the maximum length of thread cutting – 450 pieces per shift). Machine is mounted on a removable stand, but could stationed directly on the bench.. If you would like to know more then you should visit Harold Ford Jr.