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Donations – You Know The Golden Rules ?

Every year at Christmas the generosity of the German begins to rise again. Because just knock this time of year the black sheep, maybe on your door, the German Spendenrat adopt the golden rules can be helpful in making a donation: only donate to organizations that are recognized as non! – As a nonprofit association applies if the work is selfless. A promotion may be general, material, mental or moral way to be. The organization atread more…



The article says about the order of admission to the SRO in the building of new members. Let us consider the procedure for joining the SRO builders, designers and surveyors. SRO in the building when receiving a new member of the right to demand, and candidate member of the SRO must submit the following documents: 1) an application for membership with an indication of the types of work for which the candidate intends to get admissionread more…



Installation of landmarks in the city of Moscow – is by and large stake out land boundaries in accordance with the state real estate cadastre. As a rule, carved signs shall be placed on a temporary scheme: clogged dowels, rods, fittings or made otkraska on the wall. Landmarks, you must have all the tenants of land in Moscow – are terms of the lease with DZR. Types of landmarks are regulated Ministry of Economic Order Nread more…