Adela Curtain University

It is the dream of the old woman anarchists, the mutual support, that makes progress to the individuals and the species. The Christian and socialist dream of solidarity. For that reason a Law of Dependency is not a simple prolongation of the old charity, of the generalized alms in which sometimes they seem to become the social benefits, but an exigency of justice for any State that is tried legitimate. It is difficult to know why but that of the social welfare sounds to Maria, to that type of subjects that do not interest to anybody, but is necessary to attend them, what we are going to him to do. That they distribute the professors to whom they need hours to cover the dedication, when well the mathematics and sciences are already covered; or, said in political version, the economy and the property. And it is truth that the good operation of the economy is indispensable to construct a good society.

But to inject money to the Law of Dependency cannot be for when it exceeds of the others, because it is of justice to try that all the citizens are of first. The human life is task – Grouse said, and for that reason it is of justice to help to those who is in dependency situation so that they can make its lives. But it has a little while in that no longer we can do, but we have ourselves to let do, and then the ethics of the care complements to the one of the autonomy. All this requires a gracious and determined coordination on the part of the society. Decided because it is convinced that this is important and is prepared to do it; gracious because it runs means well. So that there are not citizens of second, it cannot be to albur of the political lottery.

And, on the other hand, the attention to the precise dependency professional caretakers and vocacionados, are not a bureaucratic work, but a task that a special careful attention demands and must with dignity be remunerated. What is worth, costs. In human, political resources, social and economic. The care of all we when we are employees is a use deposit, but it must conjugate worthy wages with careful dedication.