Chinese Special Equipment

Sales of machinery – not an easy job. In addition to large financial inflows, it also requires a thoughtful approach to the formation of the commodity basket. A huge number of different techniques, manufactured in Japan, South Korea, and now China does not fully demand in the domestic market. Separate the wheat from the chaff and bring you exactly the machine, which then will want to buy – the primary task of the seller. Market for construction machinery in Japan's most extensive.

Produced there anything that can be useful construction company in the construction of buildings. This and trucks that deliver the solution to the construction site. This concrete pumps, feed solution to the site work. This dump trucks, cargo vozyaschie. This mobile cranes, lifting weights. This excavators, bulldozers, graders, leveled, and dig.

And much more. But the coming recession – the Russian government to think seriously about the ban on import RHD cars. The huge Japanese market construction equipment in overnight may be closed to Russian consumers. This will be a real tragedy for both buyers and sellers. But life does not stop. But there are also markets in South Korea and China. South Korean stamps are known not only here but in many regions and countries. Often heard at all: Daewoo Doosan, Hyundai, Kia, Samsung Volvo. And they produce a full range of equipment available from Japanese sellers. Most important for Russia are the cranes that are hundreds and thousands are imported each year via Vladivostok. The Korean auto industry – is the clearest example of a focus on consumer desires. Uses the first developments in all areas of production. Comfort level is not inferior to the world's leading brands. Prices – belong to the middle group, but because this technique is more accessible than Japanese counterparts. In addition, for example, the Korean oil trucks an order of magnitude better than any similar machines, presented by Russian, Japanese and Chinese firms: the volume is maximal, endurance, too, the price is minimal! The only disadvantage of the Korean automobile industry is the lack of cranes. So that this gap is likely to fill the Chinese corporation. Sales of construction equipment from China are also experiencing crises. Increased duties on new and second-hand technique had a negative impact on the ultimate cost of machines. Now this technique migrated to the mainstream segment, and was originally marketed as inexpensive. Hence the interest in it fell. But the introduction of a new bill on the right-hand drive cars fully may again bring to the crest of a wave Chinese special equipment. Range of vehicles manufactured by Chinese firms is not inferior to the Japanese. Quality, of course, not comparable, but with each new machine the Chinese do their job all the better. In general, the Chinese industry is distinguished by an absolute flexibility – a customer willing to do it all – just buy! The most common types of Chinese special equipment: dump trucks, cranes, bulldozers, graders, rollers. From spare parts to them the issues are now also does not arise. Dump trucks – full of warehouses in many cities of Russia. On the other equipment – delivery on an order in terms of 7-14 days. It remains to be – a car industry is on the top of the soon?