Christian Period

I can divide the history of the nursing in four periods: daily pay-Christian, Christian, modern and contemporary, namely: PERIOD PR-CRISTO the art to take care of always was a necessity of the humanity. In the period daily pay-Christian it did not have politics, but it was in this same period that the first attempts of elaboration of theories politics if had consolidated. But the nursing, we know as it today, was not developed in this period. Then, I will enumerate only some characteristics. The period understands since the beginning of the age written of the humanity until the Average Age. The art to take care of age exerted for healers or witches. Thus, it did not have scientific base that it guided this art, that was had however as dom happened of a deity, however as dom hereditarily transmitted.

She was worried basically about relief of symptoms of the illnesses, that very frequent were attributed the punishments of the deities. Teas, infusions and emplastos, made with grass, empirically recognized were used as medicinal. It was in elapsing of this period of the history of the nursing that appeared the philosophical thought, bringing the necessity of a off vision of myths in all the areas. The medicine suffered influence from these changes and evolved with them, but the nursing not. I believe that taking care of he has been devaluated at this time for not being an essentially intellectual activity, in contrast, was an almost servile activity (to clean dressings, to purge, etc).

The nursing remained, then, empiricist and mitolgica, until the Christian Period. CHRISTIAN PERIOD I conciliate With it of Niceia, that admitted the catolicismo as religion effectively, had been appearing the first religious orders. At this time, the task to take care of of the patients was attributed the religious ones, the Sisters of Charity, who exerted the nursing with vocation, in a perspective of unconditional donation.