Hunting is one of the oldest activities of mankind; Indeed what is now known as a sport and an art, in its early days was closely related to survival, not only understood as power for emerging collective human whose life revolved around the migration of animals and the seasons of the year, but it is also considered as one of the first glimpses of partnership and teamwork of the men and women of yesteryear. This theory is gaining strength if retrotraemos us to the era of the caverns, where a clear example of this associativity in hunting can be found in cave paintings, either as the Altamira Caves, or in space open at the site of Siega Verde. That after multiple analyses and studies by specialists from various disciplines, giving different explanations already are tribal, religious, artistic or other cultural or figurative representation of what were captured on the rocks. But also the cave paintings of the caves of Altamira, if look at them from the point of view of a Hunter, are clear example of human organization, in which teamwork and planning in advance to the day were as many or more important than hunting. How to hunt, which strategy to follow depending on the dam that is intended to achieve distribution of hunters and their location on the ground; These activities were decisive for the outcome of the day, which unlike today were to mark the border between survival or extinction; a rather more hard scenario that return home at dusk without having gained any prey. But hunt not only how ancient humans laid the foundation of the Organization and the work in team; both pillars of modern civilization, where the specialization of functions embedded in an organizational chart instructs people in their various life scenarios, whether individual, family, or social. Also in the hunt and their emerging strategies of antiquity we find strategies for combat and struggle that bases are they became the art of war. Thus, the next time to prepare your day of hunting, think for a moment that what you will be doing is not more than practice one of the oldest man and that without doubt not only it has become an art through the millennia, but it has also collaborated in the creation of our civilization.