Complutense University

When you give a hug is triggered a revolution says Jose, social volunteer in a Spanish jail. Let us play with your hands and the words, is then when it sensed the shared sense, compassion. Good start to initiate an action voluntarily but insufficient if we talk about serious and responsible volunteering. For this, we need to cross the bridge of the commitment. The phenomenon of social volunteering, as one of the best ways to exercise solidarity from civil society is approached from different perspectives, the sociologist, philosopher, psychologist and even some experts who observed it as a site of employment. The Oriental mystics and quantum physics scientists assert that humans are a species of magnets, and between us we create fields of relationships within a unique energy that everything contains it. Volunteering has one of its foundations in the relationship I – thou that humanists have been described. In it I’ll call you by name.

The “you” always has a face and we can capture at a suitable distance. If we are too close to invaded it, too far, can not see it. A precise distance is that gives the overall growth, not instrumental communication but the existential. Nobody is entirely I nor you without the other. And if there is no such gift of oneself, should subordination.

If you don’t get to be you for me, you’re a him, either. Then use an indefinite pronoun and the relationship gets close to what anonymous. The loss of the face occurs in that impersonal Nebula. Little would be beyond the functional relationship, who cosifica becomes inhuman, when not only it instrumentalized to people but it comes to destroy. In such cases, do not usually name or leave memory: it seems that the destroyed never existed. They are the faces of the des-hecho, the unprotected, the orphan, abroad, explains Carlos Diaz, Professor of the Complutense University of Madrid.