Disease Prevention

The man is organically linked with the nature and depends on it. From the environment people receive an impressive number of substances which are indispensable for survival. So, thanks to plants that are able to synthesize many complex chemical compounds can be biologically active substances. That they do not suffice to us in time to prevent the emergence of some diseases, just to feel beautiful and strong people and strengthen health. The unique properties of dietary supplements can cure many diseases. Even cancers identified at an early stage of development, does not require the appointment of aggressive chemotherapy in order to achieve good therapeutic effect is lacking, and combined treatment on the basis of sbc. There is now a safe, natural therapeutic products that enhance the effect of radiation therapy, anti- therapy, ensure easy postoperative period, and even childbirth, promote tangible reduction in side effects from using antibiotics, it's great combined with other treatment options.

Biologically active substances, especially qualitatively nourish a variety of body systems and stop the severe pathological processes. Deviation to obtain the necessary nutrients may lead to infection. On today quite noticeably decreased physical activity of people, and also changed our diet. Fruits and vegetables, we started to use less, replacing them with sweet delicacies and flour products. It is well known Eat less, if you want a long stay healthy. An incredible amount of people on the planet patients with atherosclerosis, diabetes, coronary heart disease. These diseases, in some way, associated with overeating. And environmental problem? Air pollution, water and food causes operate at the limit of responsibility for the protective and barrier functions of the authority. This is, firstly, kidneys, liver, intestines and lungs. As a result, we have a serious weakening body at the cellular level. Supplements to this plan come to the aid of man, the most famous of them is considered .BADy can not be considered a universal remedy, they are only effective means of rapidly healthful.