Effective Campaign

Some companies currently have a profile on Twitter and Facebook, and they take it for granted that are applying marketing on social networks, but with the passage of time are given account that have not had results and even established an effective presence in them. This falls into the lack of organization and strategy, which leads to bad results and loss of resources, then first of all we must focus on developing a strategy that will lead us to success in our social media marketing campaign, that is why I want to teach them the steps to follow to obtain good results. Listen: We need to know the opinion of the customer with regard to our market, before you start promoting our products or services, since this will help us to focus our strategy and find the time adapting to offer them. It is so simple; We have two ears to hear and a mouth to speak, must then listen to double of what we talk about, at the same time we also put ourselves in the shoes of the client, to the end they are those who buy. At this point you can conduct surveys to know something that we don’t know and socialize with people to awaken interest in what we do. Plan the strategy: in this step we have to define as let’s make to pose us the following questions: do you want to than this your company on social networks? What goals would you get with this campaign? What motivates your customers to participate in social networks? What are you going to do to make your clients to share your information with their friends? What resources are you going to need? How will you measure the results? Once answered these questions, you will have elaborated the first draft to direct your marketing on social networks.