Evidence Specific Access

To study the chosen university degree not enough with having approved selectivity and having a good note of access. In some cases, in addition to these requirements, you must demonstrate that the applicant meets the qualities and capabilities needed for successful study. This is the aim of different aptitude tests that require many Spanish universities to access careers in fine arts, translation and interpreting, and the physical activity and Sport Sciences.The basic rules of access to university studies establishes the need to pass a single test (selectividad) which, together with the qualifications obtained in high school, appreciates the academic maturity, knowledge and the ability of students to successfully follow the teachings. However, it also determines that universities have the possibility of implementing certain aptitude tests for admission to degrees that require specific skills.The superior titles that require these tests are: fine arts, Translation and interpretation and Sciences of the physical activity and sport. Click Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more. Not all universities require to overcome them, depends on the own rules of the Centre.

In the last two are almost generalized, while few are the faculties of fine arts that keep this test as a requirement of access.At the time of enrollment, students who opt for these titles should begin simultaneously pre-registration in the aptitude test and pay the costs established in academic pricing concept. They oscillate between 60 and 90 euros, depending on the autonomous community where the Center is located. Tests are performed in the months of June and July or September, if it has not covered the quota of seats in the first call.Pass the tests does not imply automatic acceptance of the student, but it determines that it is suitable for studies. As in the rest of university qualifications, must undergo general procedures for pre-registration, selection and admission depending on the number of places and the Court notes marked for each title.In some faculties, the test score is valid for two or three years, so if the student has passed but has not been admitted, you don’t need to do it again in subsequent courses.