Foundation Assets

Foundation assets 2011 – where with the discount? The winner of the prestigious Fox rankings Endowment is: BW-Bank’s 2011 best Manager for endowments. The House in Stuttgart showed the best performance of Foundation assets comprising a 2.5 million restructuring and referred to Sal. Oppenheim, the NORD/LB, the Deutsche Bank private wealth management, as well as the private bankers of Merck Finck & co. on the courts. In the tender of the Munich-based Foundation, fly that 2011 was the test case, had taken part 22 of 75 nominees for banks and bank-independent asset managers in Germany, of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Luxembourg.

The investment proposals were Dr. Jorg Richter, Institute for quality assurance and testing of financial services (IQF), Hanover, and one rated over many years of across developed grid by Ralf Vielhaber, Managing Director Publisher Fox letters, based on. Criteria were the Foundation of expertise (at 35%), the Investment proposal (35%), the reference portfolio (15%), transparency (10%) as well as the range of Foundation services (5%). The case solution demanded a lot from the asset management. Equipped and arranged in three mutual funds assets of the foundation it fly with a volume of EUR 2.5 million to rebuild two specifications: 150.000 EUR in annual distributions should be; allows at the same time, the new system should be based on ethical-social aspects. To achieve the target return, 6% had to be sought about annual gross return.

A relatively risky approach of the portfolio was thus inevitable. Furthermore should an expert assessment of the previous investment strategy and the future structure be placed under stress. The test participants were also asked to submit a real anonymised client portfolio. The independent Institute of controlling firstfive in Frankfurt, absolute return, annualized return, Sharpe had appreciated the results ratio and modified value according to the criteria at risk from. The best reference portfolios presented the private bank HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt, the Merck Finck & co.