Hope Of A Healthful Life

To serve Serves the bread, the baker, As bee serves the honey. It serves the perfume, the rose, As the sun serves the light. The incandescent brazier serves the heat. It serves to the life, the zealous father and the mother. They serve hope of a healthful life, Without fear of tomorrow and of the serious work.

It serves the adobe, to the potter and the Joo. That its serve art to the eyes. The patience serves more, to the winner. That the explosion of clera to the loser. They serve to the darknesses, the fear, the anger and the cowardice, and to the bad ones that they nourish feelings of envy and revenge. It serves the misfortune: not to act, the cio and laziness.

Not serving to the life, as if planted to the soil of the land. It serves to the development and the lucidity To the search of answers? made in untiring way. As if the discovery of a new palpitante world. It was always to the threshold of a new tomorrow. It serves more to that it wants and it looks for to serve. It serves to that one without preconceptions and complexes well. It serves only for love to the life and the joy in serving. to live in fraterna harmony? where all are equal. It serves plus who lode stops to serve. The God, to the life, and the love, without being servile. Because after all its search is the happiness.