IKOffice MoldManager

IKOffice ERP – solution with powerful PPS module is the ideal time for the integration of new Planungsmittel now! Because during a peaceful order the software can in the company optimally be integrated and adapted to the individual production processes. All employees from the outset intensively deal with new job aid. The software is implemented, the company can structured start in the recovery and make well over the competition floor. The simultaneous display of capacity under the proven time bar is new and unique to the planning system of IKOffice GmbH. Here, events, such as vacation, illness, and unforeseen, sudden reductions in capacity are clearly presented. Through a simple color scheme, bottlenecks can identify and assess the effects on the overall planning. Work plans can be adapted immediately and made available to the employees. The feedback of the work is ensured over time and attendance terminals.

To here to get the best results, the documentation of his working day is made as easy as possible the toolmaker. All information about progress and progress of work are the planners on the same day. For the evaluation of projects many controlling mechanisms and-Reporte are available at your fingertips. \”The planning must not run behind the reality! The Scheduler in tool and mold making need to quickly get an overview of changing capacities and situations! \”, explains Ingo Kuhlmann accepted no systems Managing Director of IKOffice GmbH. have our customers, whose maintenance effort took more than half an hour a day.\” he added. To detailed plans are hourly overturned by reality. So, the system relies on a rough-cut in the weekly capacity is distributed.

In the detailed planning work steps can be assigned to employees and dates. Markus Riel, CEO of Riel GmbH & co. KG, of the planning module of the MoldManagers since April 2009 his company deploys, expresses gets excited about: our planning meetings have gotten a proper thrust through the new overview! Bottlenecks can be seen already weeks in advance and by the prompt confirmation of the work we have always an overview of status, progress, and performance.\” The IKOffice GmbH has integrated this powerful planning and control instrument in their ERP-solution IKOffice MoldManager.