Infinite Intelligence

This jewel of a book written by Napoleon Hill, is nothing ordinary shares some ideas that may prove too much for some. People divided between those who are born with faith and those not, optimists and pessimists. What side are you on? The answer to that question may make the "luck" has one over his life. The book is organized with a set of principles that together represent a philosophy. I will make a very brief summary of each principle message: Thought everyone's thoughts often become a physical reality in his life.

Therefore, our outer life is a reflection of our inner life. If we change our thoughts, we change our lives. Positive thoughts create positive things in our lives. The same goes for negative thoughts. Desire Without a strong desire is difficult to launch anything else.

One needs a special passion to link the rest of the qualities to succeed. This is the foundation of success. No desire, no more. Faith When you act and think in their objectives in a state of complete faith, that person transmits these thoughts and faith to your subconscious, which in turn transmits the thoughts and faith to the infinite intelligence (God). It is faith that gives life to thought and transmits it with more speed and strength and induces a response from Infinite Intelligence. Auto-suggestion Largely we are products of our environment. If we hear all the life that we are useless, we think we are. If we live with criminals is likely that we become professional if we are exposed to it long enough.