Almost all of the materials 'breathe' and allow sweat to evaporate and moisture while protecting from rain, hail and snow Windproof clothing – snowboard clothing almost all in different degree of protection from the wind wicking layer – some clothes there is a layer that is attached to the inside of the jacket, which increases the evaporation of moisture from the inside, increased comfort and allows the body to maintain heat insulated materials Your choice between the insulated jacket and insulated should depend on three main factors – the extent of your activity, weather conditions and what are you going to wear under the jacket of your level Activity – Most snowboarders are moving very actively and produce enough of its own heat. If you are an active rider, you probably do not need a parka jacket – If you want to insulate better have in their wardrobe somewhat insulated sweaters of different thicknesses, so you can find the right depending on weather conditions, temperature and your activity Weather – Very cold weather require additional warming of clothing regardless of the extent of your activity What are you going to wear under a jacket – if you do not want to wear a lot of clothing, thermal underwear and insulated sweater, it's better to buy jacket insulation. However, remember that a good thermal underwear and insulated sweater even on a cold day will keep your warm, even without the insulated outerwear. Learn more on the subject from Nieman Foundation. – Most prefer to wear snouboridstov more layers non-insulated clothing under the jacket, because the latter are more versatile and suitable for different weather conditions better than the insulated jacket. – Buying a padded jacket, did not make sure that it is made of waterproof / breathable materials Man-warmers – Almost all of the insulation made from polyester and available in different thicknesses and with different top layers. Typically, the thicker layer of insulation and the top layer, the provides material more heat – As snowboarding – a very active sport, those snowboarders who want to buy a padded jacket, can pick out variants with quite small degree of warming.