Internet Telephony

Until recently, a mobile communication seemed somewhat inaccessible. Now used by most of us. High tariffs operators originate in us sometimes sordid feelings. Already on the machine we are trying to say as close as possible and fast: in fact for every extra minute to pay. We will automatically save. Meanwhile, traditional telephony is going through hard times, because on the heels, but where there is already a head comes Internet Telephony-VoIP. Now the quality of VoIP telephony has undergone dramatic changes compared with the fact that there were only a few years ago.

There were giants of the industry, such as Vonage, Skype, Gizmo Project. Their customers are millions of people around the world. “People can talk for free “, – reads the slogan of Skype, the largest to date, the company provides services VoIP telephony. Today, many VoIP companies offer a range of free destinations and fares. For example, customers can make calls, Vonage free to any phone in America. Domestic VoIP operator sipnet offers free calls to Moscow and St. Petersburg. What has all this to my cell, you ask? Until recently it had no relation to mobile communication (not counting the rather limited opportunities for bundles Wi-Fi + VoIP), until recently, the network is not a new service Australian it company npc inc. SIP1 service allows any client to any VoIP company bind your mobile phone number to your VoIP account. This will provide an opportunity to talk with a mobile phone at the price of your VoIP provider. And choosing the operator on the soul like sipnet, or InternetCalls with its free calls to 30 countries the world including in Russia, and tying your mobile phone number to the service sip1, you and receive a free mobile communication.