Moments Of Humanity

German Red Cross awarded Olaf Eybe as the best photographers In the summer of 2009 the German Red Cross to enter a photo contest invited. To catch 150 moments of humanity”, was the mandate for interested photographers. Many authors from Germany and Austria took on the challenge. Shortly before Christmas, chose a jury Olaf Eybe as an award winner. The Essen’s lyricist and author had taken part in the competition with a series of Scouting. Recordings that reflect the efforts that are undertaken every day by men and women to fill the idea of humanity in practice with life have been searched. “As I read the announcement, I knew: as Path Finder photos must not be missed, because finally the helpfulness is one of the cornerstones of the Scouting”, remembers the Olaf Eybe, who together with his wife operates a communications agency in Essen – uberruhr and created with increasing success of reportage photos. Captured emotions consciously put Eybe on emotionally charged photos.

A motif of his series showing girls with the light of peace. A second picture gives insight in a Scout group hour, where first aid is taught. The third photo illustrates vividly one of the Scout laws: the great helps the little ones. Two third prizes went to Olaf Schmuhl Hall with a thesis about paramedic and the children – and youth groups of the Red Cross in Wanzleben with a group photo of the members of the youth Red Cross. The best photos grouped together to a travelling exhibition, which will be sent on tour in 2010. You will find a selection of submitted photos and the photos of the winners on the Internet at fotowettbewerb.html wallpapers the occasion for the competition behind 150 years. The idea of the Red Cross celebrated its 150th birthday on June 24, 2009, the anniversary of the battle of Solferino.

More than a hundred million members all over the world are active in the Red Cross. Help volunteers of the civil protection, the mountain and water rescue, in red cross communities of the youth Red Cross, as well as in the welfare and social work, they work in the rescue or blood donation or support the Red Cross as supporting members. OLAF Eybe, the winner of the photo contest, manages a communications agency in Essen together with his wife. Meanwhile, he is asked for support from its customers not only as a copywriter and publicist. Book him increasingly as a photographer. Since 2006, he is on the road in his spare time head of a tribe of the Association of Christian pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP) and also for the Federal Association of the VCP as a photographer. In addition to the photo competition of the DRC, the Essen won creative 2009 various other competitions and achieved further good rankings.