You and I – I’m watching the water journey / Rainer Sauer excerpt from the poem book “You and I” by the Karlsruhe writer/philosopher Rainer Sauer: I look up of water travel/people consider knowing the only way to God / I’m looking for you I look of water travel constantly flowing to the sea-mother and wonder whether to the seas, I immediately I s., as each drop of water ultimately in God’s sphere? Has all its meaning? I look on this fleeting Erdene Auch calls the Earth always terrestrial derived from return to dust and ash become is maternal as well and obviously in the ‘ light bright delighted I look at me embrace the Earth equal to the lost son, and take no doubt true that I, too, from the great sea of awareness from the great mother earth was born and my way equal the water, equal to the ashes and the dust is hard back and forth, built to mother’s bosom. People think that knowing the only way to God but they have him? People are looking way but not anyone miss them? Ver Rucktes rain to hear people but they have overlooked this? This call follows some know the uniqueness of the not a way each infinity gang, but many are gehbar to God’s home the unique path of each is necessary to get to the longed-for goal of foreign ways, not which also means my run that there was only once my way too love away from me, I’m going this across all-a. I’m looking for you looking for me we find strange the found seems discovered real long time I know you loved and look, we are one was wanted seekers encountered both sought which was stranger always only one well-known and found altvertraut a long journey I will follow you into infinity, in the uncertain I follow you, seemingly always farther away from me, finally arrived I find suddenly my whole self and also you’re, much closer than you might think.