Pop Images

Probably the word 'insider' is significant for the Warhol because the prevalence in the 50's and early 60's way of 'outsider' what happened, probably because of the book by Colin Wilson in 1956 'The Outsider', where Last on examples of various' outsiders explores the influence of pressure norms in contemporary Western culture. " One of his theses is that the status of 'outsider' (meaning the exclusion and 'abnormality') help, at the same time, see the invisible other structural elements of society. Think in terms of 'outsiders' and 'insiders', gay 50's, like Warhol, could get even before policies Walls and identity, a terminology that helped to express and even politicize experiences that feel 'other' in a homophobic culture. For more information see this site: Nieman Foundation. Saying that the priest had allowed him to feel like an insider, Warhol suggests that Pop, among other things, was a survival tactic homophobic world. But how? As 'blinding' the fact that all the other 'take for granted', help Warhol and his friends feel insiders? Warhol said that 'pop-art has changed the internal and external sites.

Pop artists create images that every man on Broadway, learned the same second – comics, picnic tables, men's trousers, celebrities, shower curtains, refrigerators, Coke bottles – all those great things that abstract expressionist struggled to no notice. To deepen your understanding Childrens Defense Fund is the source. " Transferring these images onto canvas as a 'new art', Warhol turned smug dominance of abstract expressionism, "the whole This abstraction and introspection. " Include these public images in his palette, he also made this 'outside' world open to appropriation and transformation, including inside him themselves and their friends as active participants public space images. .