President Chavez Frias

For President Chavez Frias, this is nothing more than a prophecy of Bolivar, because USA has swept this continent, but those days are ending. The American Empire falls in this century. He commented, these struggles for a new world, for peace, dignity, come from afar, since ancient times, also figure in the Scriptures sagradas that the only way in which we live in peace is justice, an ancient and eternal truth on the other hand it should be noted, Cuba called to reverse the global media dictatorship and achieve a better balance in the information field to denounce that control of the media by part of a few is a strategic component in imperial domination plans promoted by the Government of United States add Felipe Perez Roque, which is an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, design strategies that allow the non-aligned successfully face the dangerous and unequal situation in the world information order affirmed also that the abyss between North and South in the productionaccess and flow the information is responsible for the unjust and anti-democratic international information order to which intends us submit. Perez Roque also suggested that the Internet be democratized and place under the discretion of an international entity, to safeguard its independence. We are continually bombarded by false allegations against our Governments. It is intended to justify discrimination and xenophobia, turns the victims into perpetrators, tags are placed.

The political manipulation of the information and the complicity of the media reach extreme levels. Venezuelan Minister of information, Andres Izarra, commended the role of the multi-state television station Telesur, and proposed creating a South Radio and a production network of content accessible to all countries of Latin America. He added, members of the movement of countries non-aligned (Nam) want to have own means of communication that give them the informational hegemony of the great powers that want a new International informational order and Venezuela proposes, in addition to the consolidation and expansion of Telesur, a southern radio and a network of content production that serves as a Bank of information accessible to these countries, to pluralize the flows of information, which we are pursuing is that they allow us to balance the information and democratize the presence of the countries of the South in global communicationVenezuela will submit a project for the creation of a network of production and a Bank of programming for the generation and exchange of content in the Nam Nations. The Conference will recognize also the experience of Telesur, multi-state Latin American television headquartered in Caracas, by their daily contribution to the construction of a new communication order, trying to balance global information flows, said the Venezuelan representative. Another of the issues to be considered will be the digital divide and information technologies. We will talk about how to bring the large majorities of our information technology countries and how to use internet as a factor of development, said the host Minister.