San Francisco Google

In the case of Google the median age was significantly lower than that of the public who attends the ceremony of Steve Jobs, and is that Apple, despite its image of brand-new company, already has a few years behind him. Beyond the tons of food, billiards, the football, or massages free attendees enjoyed on the Moscone – all this in the image and likeness of what we will find when we visited some of the venues of Google – the Organization was perfect, and apparently the developers came out quite happy than there could see and hear. Google, in just one ten years – will meet them next September, has played the Cyber sky. It has practically become owner of Internet and has left little room for manoeuvre to their competitors. Consequently, accusations of monopoly, or be in possession of too much information and, what is worse, using it for you to go to know what evil purposes, have already long been raging. As users and/or the network professionals, we must ask ourselves if the omnipresence of the Mountain View giant is, or not, beneficial. The gratuitousness of the multiple services offered by Google to common mortals is based on the economic benefits derived from the exploitation of the publicity associated with such services.

On the Internet nor anything is free. It is precisely the issue of advertising is that it can end up being the Achilles heel of the giant. The first business, and the base of the Empire, Google was its search engine which, in a short time, became the ingenuity that made life easier to Internet users. %20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As well, the Google search engine is losing, increasingly, its infallible character due to management by the company’s sponsored links (Google AdWords) which seems to give predominance in the results of searches that has previously passed per box. Another problem, arising from the need that any web page appears in the results of Google, is that professionals working in web positioning practically spend their workday to deceive the search engine – if you’re not in Google do not exist in the network – and the results clear is, are affected. The other question that may end up assuming a headache is acquisitions.

Do not buy the latest company that brings some new and different product seems to be the greatest of sins that can commit Microsoft, Yahoo! or the same G. In this race to get the last virtual Pearl seems that again highlights the company of Brin and Page. Few dams have escaped them. But doubts arise when we see how these acquisitions are handled, or how it is increasingly elitist management of human resources. Google can be a monster with many heads. A new Microsoft that become the center of our virtual hatreds.