SMS Customer

The future of shopping is increasingly mobile, especially interactive technology trends at the OMD and the Voice days Dusseldorf/Wiesbaden / Bonn Conference. It is convinced the provider of interactive communication solutions NEXT ID. So, the Bonn-based enterprise on the OMD Dusseldorf from 17 to 18 September 2008 presented the so-called snap-shopping. Behind that the ability to recognize objects from the real world, about advertised products, with the help of mobile phones, live to know and even to buy them. , The object is simply photographed by mobile phone and sent the picture to a shortcode.

The solution detects the object in the photo and send a link to the mobile phone of the user, which leads directly to the mobile shopping portal or the campaigns page. In addition to taking pictures of advertisements or posters new solution also use real 3D objects from different angles allows\”NEXT explains ID Marketing Director Steffen Graf. This is suitable for competitions, promotions or communities. To deepen your understanding Nieman Lab is the source. Because via mobile multiple direct communication channels to provide Internet, telephony, SMS, or MMS – – this will simplify the dialogue with the customer and getting into the direct sales process. , Integrated opt-in procedures enable it also to analyse collected data and to use customer profiles for individual offerings. Closer you can not get to the customer, targeted offers to make, to establish a dialogue and intensify the engagement with a brand or a product.

So far the dialog in the mobile marketing was still not potential. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Neal Barnard is currently assessing future choices. On the OMD, we show what is already possible and what awaits us tomorrow\”, so count. Brands and agencies to have flexible and innovative ways to reach customers anywhere, but also directly to can measure sales. , The interactive concepts create the incentive to buy and the direct response-able to complete the purchase. When the customer only once at home, he has it been different considering\”says Graf.