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One Heart

In one only heart: Experiences and you live deeply with friends special Jose Luis Hunter of the Conceio In the soft music of Aline Barros, ' ' I want to live something novo' ' That I describe plus a page of my joy in coexisting so special people, significant and reasonable in Via Del Mar and Reaca – Chile. All lived in one alone heart in inigualvel, fenomenal, pleasant, charming a land. All brought its historiesread more…


August Nh

Already I made penance these years all, and I cannot have damage of them! If I wanted to esperdiar this made penance, I was without a thing and another one. 4 The existencial conflict of the hero is so explicit that the permeia narrator onisciente its thoughts between the moralizadora conscience and the insistent dammed desires: Was alone bulir with mouth that its Joozinho Bem-Bem (…) and all broke with Major Consilva, with Ovdio, with womanread more…