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Martin Schaarschmidt

What is exhibition of artistic works of impaired children in the building of the ReSound hearing aid manufacturer a listen essence”? A question on the hearing impaired students found creative answers. In the stop being workshop”the ReSound hearing aid manufacturer, they created three days art figurines, which symbolize the hearing. More than 50 fantastic, funny or even provoking beings emerged and are presented in the context of a nationwide traveling exhibition of the general public. Forread more…


Moses Basket

“2000 years of history with tradition, the Moses basket the birth of a baby is a big event: not only, that is a lot of visit Announces also need to forward some precautions taken are for the child in the new home” really feel can. In addition to basic equipment to clothing, the bed belongs to the most important purchases. Here comes the baby of course to create a cozy nest where it then, on averageread more…


Baby Sleeping Bag

How a puck cloth can promote a peaceful and healthy sleep of their baby. Swaddling is a classic wrap around method, in which wrapped the newborn in a so-called puck cloth. A puck cloth has usually a size of 90 x 90 cm and is made from a natural substance, such as 100% cotton, pure linen, or wool. This classic method of baby winding was forgotten for some time, because modern baby sleeping bag on theread more…


The Jockey

This includes for example a light system to be more visible in the dark even when standing. Also the fixing of a pennant on the luggage carrier is on a bicycle for children strongly recommended. The pennant is a small flag, usually in the form of a triangle. He has basically no stemming symbol. It serves to increase the attention of other road users. To prevent injury from a fall, a chain guard as also aread more…


Gerhard Oellinger

So Mami Web GmbH has surpassed the investor side infected year end goals in November – early – already and is now probably the largest online mother network in the German-speaking countries. The enormous increase in new members exceeds our highest expectations, as the enthusiasm with which the mothers at Mommy Web in our community are active”, so Dr. Gerhard Oellinger, CEO of mommy Web GmbH. also in the next few months is the further expansionread more…


Tip For Hearing-impaired Children From The Region Of Bremen:

Non-profit child listening Centre Bremen is now called child listening Center said the child listening Centre Bremen gGmbH in Leher Heerstrasse 23 in Bremen is now child listening Center said. In the exemplary regional institution, which opened in the spring of 2012, hearing impaired children and their families receive a holistic care and support through a team of experienced and highly qualified Padakustikern (hearing care professional for children). As we found out on demand, the newread more…