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In recent decades, the Colorado no longer flows into the Gulf of California, the cause – human activities. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jennifer Aaker. One of the most famous monuments of the basin of the Colorado River – National Park Mesa Verde, where the ruins are protected settlements in the Anasazi Indians. These impressive ruins date back to the rocks VI-XIII cc. It is believed that when the Indians have built an entire city, aread more…


Mont Blanc Lake

Lake Geneva's largest in the Alps and the second largest in Europe after Lake Balaton. Its surface area 582 km2 of water volume 89 km3. It is situated at an altitude of 372 m above sea level, just 70 km from the highest peak of Mont Blanc and the Alps. Rivers and streams flow into lake from all sides. The largest of the river Rhone falls into it, and then restores its course and flows more…


Central Anatolia

In the east, home to millions of Kurds and Arabs and Turkomans. Posted population is extremely uneven. Densely populated coast of the Black Sea. Egeyskogo and Marmara Seas, whereas Central and especially Eastern Anatolia – a relatively unfrequented. Half the population lives in cities. The largest of them Istanbul (7.5 million people), Ankara (2.6 million people), Izmir (2 million), Hell-on, Bursa, Gaziantep, Konya. Economy. Turkey belongs to countries with a diversified economy. BSA is open toread more…