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Nina Deissler

How marketing specialist Nina Deissler helps singles on the jumps. The heart beats faster, the hands are wet, the mouth becomes dry, throat seems tied to how and the head is empty: no, a scene from a horror film, but an unfortunately possible moment, is one single demanded to take the first step to a flirt. “Mostly” a Word, a gesture, or a bit more courage is missing. Flirt – what is that? And you canread more…


Relationships Can Sometimes Really Exhausting With Men His

Why have men to be so complicated? Why have men to be always so stubborn? And never say what they think or how they feel? Why must you ask always one hundred times, before we get to hear how they feel and what they think about one? If men were but so simple things, such as women, the whole relationship would be much easier or? Why have men to be so complicated? Men are not complicated,read more…