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The edenncias cases of pedofilia against the Vatican in these months are putting still more emprova the veracity of contents propagated for the great medias. How opblico, viewing, listeners, readers and internautas can believe emtudo what he is inserted in a media product? In house, using an edition software of audio, I discovered easily as to modify ordemdas you speak, in way that a speech is against or in favor of determinadasituao. In periodicals this isread more…


The Situation

() The survival after the death is a personal problem that afecta our proper destination. It is not as to decide a question that in them is indiferente.' ' (MARTINS, 1961:162 – 63) 6. God more Religion, equal the Happiness and Peace a long way is necessary to cover, limited for two great lines masters: God and Religion for, in the tranquilidade of the calm spirit, if to find, finally, the happiness, here and in thisread more…