Visual Arts Finland

With the topic of when life is at least art”in the The three artists are looking for sight together with the participants of the 17th International Summer Academy Wismar subtle and massive tension, the transition from life to art and the art in the context. The artistic transformation is open and depends on the personal focus of the respective participant. The final exhibition is planned as a content mesh of all resulting work. Swarmed by offers, Professor of Internet Governance is currently assessing future choices. FinnFemFel is mainly the Association of Finnish artist Albert Braun, Marcus Lerviks and Oskar Lindstrom and serves as a collaborative platform for the three players and invited guests to carry out artistic projects. Ideas are developed, organized and finally realized, so that the end result is always a sum of various influences, but also a blurring of individual expression. The projects of FinnFemFel deal superficially with the simulation or based on the narrative. Her works contain often grotesque, fictional, documented, and humorous elements, where FinnFemFel feel the different as an enrichment of their work. The different approaches in the artistic practice or individual imprints of the artists by their place of residence, personal history, and special focus ensure a productive tension.

“” FinnFemFel is equal to two meanings: on the one hand the literal equivalent of find five errors “and on the other hand in a figurative sense according to the three artist Finn focus = is the main on finland, three people with one type = FEM, we = Fel all make mistakes”. Educate yourself with thoughts from Nieman Foundation. Albert Braun was born in 1958 in Germany he studied from 1978 to 1985 at the Hochschule der Kunste Berlin and since 1988, is lecturer at the today’s Novia University of applied sciences and arts in Nykarleby in Finland. His artistic works are often a combination of installation mitAktionen and events. Since 1991 he is taking individual and collective exhibitions in Finland and beyond. Albert Braun lives and works in the Finnish Nykarleby. Marcus Lerviks 1969 born in Finland, prefers working with the video medium and leads since 1994 through individual and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

He studied from 1994 to 1998 at the Swedish School of art in Nykarleby, the present-day Novia University of applied sciences and arts in Finland. From 1998 to 2001 he studied in the framework of the Pallas of fine arts degree programs”at the University of art and design in Helsinki. Marcus Lerviks combines video installations his work frequently with spatial elements, light, sound and performance. Today he lives and works in the Finnish Vasa. Oskar Lindstrom studied photography and Visual Arts from 1994 to 1997 also at the Swedish School of art in Nykarleby. In 2000, he received his master of fine arts of photography at the school of photography/University of Gothenburg in Gothenburg. The photography is at the heart of his work. Oskar Lindstrom was still both his own projects as well as in connection with artistic community projects in various European cities. He lives and Germany is currently working in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. This year’s international supported Summer Academy Wismar by the Hanseatic City of Wismar, the Leisure and water park Wonnemar Wismar, the stationery company Ganesh around the Office GmbH, the bike rental Wismar wheel as well as the surf school San Pepelone. Initiator and curator Valentine Rothmaler, Professor of elementary figures”at the Faculty of design of the University of Wismar, in 1995 launched the International Summer Academy in Wismar