Work Team Motivated

Many business owners do not have sufficient tools allowing your team members to obtain a high performance on the job. The result is: a demotivated team without established goals and a business owner without a guide that shows you how to get the boat afloat. We can transform the landscape under the principles of high performance 16 cylinders. Imagine every Member of the team as a powerful 16-cylinder engine. This engine would have superior performance to what we all know about a conventional one. What happens when people on your team work with a 12, 8 or 4 cylinder engine? 16 Cylinders theory considers the human being as the compendium of four main elements: body, mind, heart and spirit. The average number of business uses only the two first body and mind. This represents what you see on the resume of someone: your skills, experience, knowledge, practice, preparation, training; but these are only 6 of the 16.

The other ten relate to the heart and spirit. They are the attributes that you should look for in people: attitude, passion, loyalty, membership, give a little bit of extra effort by the team, and so on. The best way to implement these principles is to first know who are you as a leader, if you inject passion to what you do and are looking for your clients and staff are satisfied with your work. You must develop a vision and a mission to make the direction towards which going clear. It offers your team the opportunity to know in what lies the value of his performance in the company. Make sure that everyone feels comfortable. It projects a sense of belonging that will help you to create a harmonious environment between your collaborators.

The success you get from this experience much depend on you, the desire and the effort you injecting your business. Remember that constant innovation produces positive results. Explore all your abilities and those of your team. ActionCOACH team.