Budget Control

The data that more flame the attention is of that 85.3% of the families had demonstrated some degree of difficulty to arrive at the end of the month with the familiar income. The increase of the credit uncontrols and it budgetary is preoccupying factors for the Brazilian economy. The increasing consumption of the families pressures the prices raising the inflation. In this scene the saving starts to be determinative to the commanded growth of the country. Second (Ewald, 2007): The best tip to make to sobrar money in the familiar accounts and to make the wage to be bigger of what the month is to treat to structuralize Domestic a Budget well done in order not to spend itself more than what is gained. Here it is that nowadays, with an inflation on control, until the Government already it has its Governmental Budget and it obtains to make to happen the such of the Surplus, that is the referring surplus to a bigger Prescription that the Expenditure. The research of domestic budget search to improve the control of the personal accounts stops to stimulate the learning and the organization of the familiar expenditures.

It is essential for all the individuals that they intend to reach certain tranquillity and control on its financial life. The study of prescriptions and expenditures it allows an approach of the economic reality of the citizen acquiring knowledge it on new scenes. The basic norms for the creation of the budget will serve for the development of new tools that make possible a study deepened for the use in enterprise enterprises. Theoretically an individual would be impossible to manage a company without, first, managing its budget personal.