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Budget Control

The data that more flame the attention is of that 85.3% of the families had demonstrated some degree of difficulty to arrive at the end of the month with the familiar income. The increase of the credit uncontrols and it budgetary is preoccupying factors for the Brazilian economy. The increasing consumption of the families pressures the prices raising the inflation. In this scene the saving starts to be determinative to the commanded growth of the more…


Collective Prosperity

The serious problems that nowadays affect the society are of common knowledge and already they are part of the daily folklore, but the reason takes that me to perhaps write this official notice is a newness. During much time it had a separation in the distinct society in two classrooms: one, favored, with access to the education, the health and other property partnerships, to other, poor and impolite, flooded in hunger, misery, illnesses, delicts, drugs, more…


Amorim Family

On this contextualizao, it she only serves to approach a subject not yet duly discoursed as she would have to have been, that it is the standard of consumption and expenses, especially for organizations and people. To understand the true importance of if saving and being more timely efficient with budgets, we need to define> word Standard of Consumption. Standard of Consumo (PDC), must be understood before everything with, not only an administrative pilgrim’s staff, toread more…



That House is its unique heritage which lives he and his extended family. But comes a type that expresses you and shows you that the foundations of your House are badly made and that is why he is spending lots of money to keep it stable. And it recommends a new composition to its foundations. But this person is living there since he was born, now I usually and everything looks perfect. At least the knownread more…