Business Networker

Juan Manuel Lopez (Juan Lopez) and I am here because I have seen how thousands of people decide that the best option for work is the MLM and regardless of the company they have chosen, they realize, in a few months, that:-do not generate money – self-consumption is very high – people who put not earn money and move out of subsistence – friends do not want to answer the phone because they don’t want to hear about your MLM. Among other thousands of reasons, wrap-up at the end giving you realize that your work does not give the fruits of the effort you’re putting, you come out of your comfort zone, overcome your fears, to give you has finally that your income is very limited, or simply don’t have income. Work Forever (work forever) is to help you, we are 100% sure that the MLM industry is wonderful, how good you have relied on it. But first let me I confess something: isn’t your fault not to have results. Regardless of whether you are in Avon, Forever, Natura international, Oriflame, Amway, products Aloe Vera (Alo), Tvi, Omnilife, Tiens, Forever Kids, Forever Living, Noni, Monavie, Great Life, Xango, Klob, the company’s MLM that is, the work that you do, you are a networker you not have taught to do business. Typical in the MLM is that you say: takes a list of contacts from your cell memory and get to speak. Do not give you a working successful and duplicable system, end up doing what leaders do and getting the results that your leaders get: bad results, because surely your leaders aren’t millionaires, are suffering to get more people in the team and it is an endless chain of people that do not generate at least $ 10,000 a month, which is a figure of decent money and is the objective that I with people who actually commits to learn of my.